SBS Midgar Bomber


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Found this on a Norwegian site; floatation should not be an issue.

hook – Mustad 94840 #6
thread/rib - UTC 140 black
tail - calftail white
butt/head - 2mm foam white
body - deer hair
hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)

Mash barb, start thread; wrap to bend

Clean, stack, measure (shank length) a clump of calftail; tie in/trim

Taper foam strip (gap width), measure (1/2 tail length), tie in

Brush shank with Super Glue, tie down foam to hook eye

Fold foam over eye; tie down/trim

Stroke hackle fibers back; tie in by tip

Clean a clump of deer hair; trim tips, tie in

Lather, rinse, repeat to eye; tie off, trim thread

Flip it over on it’s back, lay razor blade on eye and push to rear

Trim body to shape

Re-attach thread at eye, wrap hackle forward, tie off/trim, half hitch x 2, SHHAN



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Midgar Bomber DHH variation

It was a bitch to spin deer hair on that substrate, so I cheated. October Caddis in this size; bigger iron for a salmonfly

hook – Mustad 94840 #8
thread/rib - UTC 140 burnt orange
tail - fox squirrel tail
butt/head - 2mm foam rust
body/hackle - deer hair dyed orange

Tail/butt/head sequence is the same as the traditional Midgar so we’ll skip those steps

Create a thread loop, wax; clean, stack, measure (1.5 gap width) a clump of deer hair; insert in clip, trim butts

Insert clip in loop, release, spin

Wet fingers, stroke fibers back, wrap hackle

Repeat as needed; half hitch x 2, SHHAN



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I like those. In a separate post, could you list some of the sites you find these little jewels?

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