FS Duck & Goose decoys


Is anyone looking for duck or goose decoys? I have a bunch of various types I have wound up with. I would rather not ship.


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Are you looking to sell them or just unload them? I'd potentially be interested. How many and what brand?


12 herters model 72 mallards, 6 herters model 72 canvasbacks, 6 herters model 72 bluebills, 6 herters model 72 bufflehead armored. 2 dozen plastic magnum mallard decoys, about 12 assorted plastiduk mallard & pintails. 12 plastic goose silhouettes, 12 goose field decoys, 6 goose floaters and 6 goose shells all canadas. I want to sell them, price negotiable. I'll throw in a portable blind.


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Wish I was close. My son was in Everett picking up a boat for me a week or so ago. Would have been an easy addition to his return trip.

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