SBS Rio’s Steelhead Plow (variation)


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Hopper/caddis/stonefly/meat. The original appears to have been built on a foam sandwich oriented in the horizontal plane (I guess they bisected it dorsi-ventral to achieve the split legs); tried it here in the vertical plane. Downsized here for trouts.

hook – Dai Riki 300 #8
thread/rib - UTC 140 burnt orange
underbody - dubbing rust
body/head- 2mm foam rust
flash - Krystal Flash orange
hackle - grizzly dyed orange (1Tbs Rit Sunshine Orange/1 cup water)

Take foam strip (gap width - probably a bit too wide; maybe 80% next time), fold in half to crease, brush Super Glue on first 1/4” or so, fold and hold until the glue sets; cut to shape, tapering underside at front and back

Mash barb, start thread, wrap to bend

Dub thread/dub underbody

Tie on body

Tie on KF

Tie on (folded) hackle by tip

Wrap hackle, tie off/trim, take some thread wraps at eye, whip finish, SHHAN

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Cricket (variation)

A pretty versatile chassis; hoping the heavier iron provides some balance to all that foam.

hook – Dai Riki 135 #8
thread/rib - UTC 140 black
underbody - Ice Dub black
body/head- 2mm foam black
flash - Krystal Flash black
hackle -black
indicator - Parapost yarn hot orange


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