Jojo's Annual "Fishing" Report...with photos of fish!... Try not to be jealous of my catch!


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For over 20 years my husband Brian and our friend Keith have traveled together for a week to fly fish. For the past few years I've booked VRBOs close to waters now because we are older and ridiculously lazy. (We are so lazy that we actually loved this trip in part because we didn't have to put on waders, string up rods, or drive each time we ventured out.)

I'm not used to fishing on lakes but that's what we did. We brought our float tubes but never used them because we had access to a canoe and a rowboat and the private dock. When i told the guys this was my first time rowing a boat, Brian was incredulous. I said "When have you ever seen me row a boat?" (And though we've been together 27 years he had to admit he had not.) So here i am rowing a boat, trying to get to the trout. I was out there one early evening and the trout were jumping all around me. I hooked three and landed none. But i was okay with that. I didn't take my phone for photos anyway.

What i DID catch were lots of bluegill while fishing from the dock! (Thank you @Buzzy for correcting me when i thought they were perch!) I have never caught bluegill before. They are cute and fun fish to catch. I lost count after 15 on that first day. I started out using chironomids which worked so great that i thought maybe these fish aren't the smartest if i am doing so well, so i switched to dry flies and they worked just as well and was more fun since i don't use a strike indicator or a sinking line. The bluegills did take the dry deeper but those fish, while maybe not very bright, were very accommodating when i had to use hemostats to get the fly out.

Here are my bluegill. (By the way, that is my 20 year old jacket that i always bring with me to fish in and usually wear under my waders. Not only that, i wore those same clothes every day! (I did wash them once.) Don't tell Swimmy.

jo-on-dock1.jpg jo-blue-gill.jpg jo-catches-blue-gill.jpg

THEN also using a dry fly i couldn't believe i caught a bass! it was my very first bass. (I ended up catching three total that day, all on dry flies. Don't ask me which flies but they aren't what i would have thought were bass flies.) Thanks @b_illymac for confirming these were largemouth bass. By the way, i have no idea how y'all take photos of your fish. I was so scared i would drop my phone in the water.
We brought 14 bottles of wine for the 6 nights and drank 3 of them. (EDITED to add we drank 13 of them! ) My husband (on the right) has one of those stupid selfie sticks and he took our photo the first day.

Besides fishing i like reading and cooking and getting in the hot tub and sometimes taking a nap. One afternoon after waking up i see the guys on the dock and it cracked me up so I had to take a photo. Two old dudes fishing:
The cabin has an upstairs with a nice little reading area (and an eliptical which i used three times while i was there for a workout. Buzzy, that book is by the same author who wrote Matterhorn. (I haven't started it yet. I'm reading The Nickel Boys right now.)
What's weird is when we arrived i was wearing a tank top and flip flops and a skirt because it was summery. By the time we left i am wearing a jacket and had to put on the heat when we got back home. It was very foggy yesterday when we left. Brian took this photo in the morning when he took the canoe out. I think it's a really cool shot.
All in all it was a great trip. I was never skunked all the days fishing. (THAT has never happened to me before. Though i do wish i had caught a rainbow.) I have always liked catching the smaller fish. I actually fished more than the guys did. I am not by nature a hopeful person, but i am while fly fishing. Even when i am also often repeatedly disappointed.


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Nice pictures! Looks like a fun time and top water action! Who needs rainbow trout! (Maybe sometimes?)


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That was a fun report. The photo of the canoe is remarkable. I must warn you though that Largemouth Bass can become quite addicting. Perhaps you have local waters that they swim in. Thanx for the report, Cheers.

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Nice report! Brought back many fond memories of bream (pronounced “brim”) fishing I n Louisiana and Alabama during undergrad and first grad school. We usually just used foam spiders in white or black, tore them bream up especially if they were “bedding” (spawning). When stocked into ponds and managed correctly they can get to weigh over a pound in several years. They’re good eating, too, if hand size or bigger. My Cajun fishin’ buddy had a unique minimum size restriction: “If it’s in the boat, that’s his ass!”. My Alabama fishin’ buddy would only keep what he called “titty” bream: if they were so big you could not grip them in your hand but had to hold them against your chest to unhook them, they were big enough. They’re great fish for youngsters to start out on.

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