Jojo's Annual "Fishing" Report...with photos of fish!... Try not to be jealous of my catch!


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Great report.... but where the devil did you get that boat? Funky R Us ?:)
Hahahaha @GAT . You are so right about that row boat! Plus it was SO loud rowing. The oars made such a clunky clingy sound. I’m surprised i hooked any trout at all rowing it. Brian actually had to take a wrench to it to make one of the oars fit better. They also have kayaks which i should have tried.

One of the afternoons wind picked up when i was out there, so much that gusts were strong enough to blow a large ceramic lamp right off the end table in the bedroom. I had to row my little arms off to get back because the wind was taking me further away from the cabin quickly. My husband said i did a good job for my first experiences rowing! Other days the lake was like glass. But yeah, that boat. It’s pretty funk all right. Can’t believe Swimmy didn’t mention it! Hahaha.
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Thank you @Northern and @Shad ... hahaha... I learned all i know about fish handling on this forum y’all! ;) I’ve gotten very good at releasing fish quickly, even with hemostats. It freaks me out to keep them on too long. I actually like it when they unhook themselves. I am excited enough just by the tug and tight line.

wetline dave

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Your attitude is so refreshing. It is really what it is all about.

It is not big fish nor how many fish but rather enjoying the moment. The fish are important because they are the why but not the reason in total. To be there and to experience what is there and appreciate the moment is the essence of fly fishing.



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Now, class, this is how to write a HowISpentMySummerVacation Report.

VERY nice presentation, Jo!


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Thanks @wetline dave and @Hatty. I’ve been a member here a long time and used to get intimidated by how much i did not know about fly fishing. As much as i kept learning i knew enough to know there was more that i don’t know, which is kind of frustrating for someone like me who is big on research and reading. (For example, I read a book about running before i started running!)

A few of you here have been very kind to offer and take me fishing, but i would not be comfortable because i like fishing on my own terms and not feeling self conscious about my small fish or if sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get the fly tied on or that i am probably only good for 3-4 hours maximum. (And Damnit i just found out my 2.0 readers that i carry with me are no longer strong enough for tying on the fly! Each year it seems i have to get a higher power!).

Also i have a need to be safe and after reading about cougar sightings in the town there last spring i decided i would not go for a run (hence the elliptical)

But especially with the help of this forum, (in addition to classes and researching), I have learned quite a bit and know enough about fly fishing that i have been able to help my nephew as he gets into it. And once i accepted that i don’t have to be an expert, or hike in for miles, or catch large fish I quit worrying about it all and had a lot more fun.

Thanks everyone. I’m really not trying to keep my thread bumped to the top but i wanted to let you know that i really appreciate all of your comments, encouragement and acceptance.

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