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Much like Rupert Holmes in his famous song Escape, also known as The Pina Colada Song, I am in a situation that the solution to my problem is likely knowing what I have. I digress, I like to punish myself when it comes to buying fly rods. I always find something that can be improved in a rod and think I need to trade it/sell it for the next one Well, I found what is entirely too close to being the love of my life: a Sage TXL-F 4 weight. This is one handsome lady that does everything I need a four weight to do. Awesome action, perfect amount of flex or feel or whatever you call it, and fishing her puts a smile on my face. However, she's just a little short. Sometimes I find myself needing just a little more distance. If I could make her grow 6 inches I would in a heart beat, but, alas I have yet to find an alchemist that can pull this off. I have fished a Sage Little One in a 4 weight (same half size heavy line as the TXL-F) and I did not feel the sparks fly. I've cast a Scott G Series 8'4" 4 weight and she was just a little too shy for me. I tried a G Series 8'8" 5 weight with the same line I fish on the TXL-F and found the closest match but with the lighter line it did not respond as well with close casts but felt almost identical after 35 feet. So here's my question, if I was tired of my lady (TXL-F) and I wanted something a little longer with as close to the same action as possible, what rods would you recommend? I want to keep it between 8'2" at the shortest and 8'9" at the longest but preferably an 8'4" or 8'6" rod. This length is optimum for the creeks I fish. There are three rods that I think might come close, and orvis recon 8'6" 4 weight (possibly even the 8'4" 3 weight) the new Sage Trout LL (from my readings on the interwebs it sounds unlikely to do everything the TXL-F does) or a Scott G2 8'4" 5 weight that is currently listed on ebay (this is the most interesting option). If anyone has any insight on these rods listed or would have another suggestion that would be fantastic, especially if you have fished or cast a TXL-F. Thanks in advance everyone!


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I cast a Hardy Zephrus 4 weight something and it was amazing. Not sure the length but I wouldn’t mind owning one of them.

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