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I am putting together a new rod and reel since my 7 year old wants to start fly fishing with me.

After spending some time at the local fly shop I have decided on a Echo Carbon XL (9', 5wt) rod and a Piscifun Sword Reel.

The last piece of the puzzle is fly line. How do you pick a good fly line?

Thanks in advance.


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What did your fly shop suggest to mate with the rod? There's tons of discussion on fly lines all available to you in the search function. You will find a lot of negativity towards Rio lines; most complaints seem to be they don't last long. Longevity, theoretically, can be doubled by stringing a DT instead of a WF. Sort of partial to Airflo for WF's and Cortland lines have fit my needs quite well.

Jim Ficklin

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Has your Son tried your rod? That may help determine which type of line he can handle ok. I'm guessing you use a weight forward line. When I was around that age, I started with a double taper line, but those were the norm back then and I primarily fished small streams & rivers. The reviews I read about the XL strongly suggest that it does well with 5 weight lines, but I have never used one. As for lines, there are many. While I once used Rio lines exclusively & still have a few, of late I have been replacing lines/buying lines for new reels with Airflo products. Good luck with your quest and most of all, congrats to you & your Son - my Kids tried fly fishing but didn't like it (although my Son has developed a renewed interest of late & I have set him up with a couple different rods/reel/line types. He has been practicing at every opportunity so maybe I'll have a great fishing partner next year!).


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I bought a budget friendly Adamsbuilt combo kit that I have been using. I will pass that along to my son Colton and be building this new rod for myself.


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I hope the rod you're passing along isn't 9' long. It's too long for a child that age to handle with some pleasure and good results. Check out a 'Gecko' outfit from Echo for your son's first rod.


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I will not buy RIO lines. Cursing my OB short this week. Wish I would have bought an airflow. Do like SA, Cortland, Airflo.
I recently did the same thing for my 8 year old daughter. I went cheap on the fly line though and put a Cabelas one on. Terrible idea, there's tons of memory in it and after a couple of outings the front 6ft of line will not float.


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I picked up a Echo Carbon XL 376-4 a few months ago and paired it with a WF3F Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX and have been very happy with the combo. My 11-year old son played around with it a little bit this summer and seemed to enjoy it.

Mark Mercer

Where and what you will be fishing for will also make a difference in what line you should choose. Have you already purchased the rod ? I also agree that a 9' rod is probably a little long for a seven year old unless he's really tall. I'd start with 8' or 8 1/2' 4wt for him or even 7 1/2' or 8' fiberglass.


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I’d go with a simple weight forward floater, with a moderate shooting head. Easy to load, easy to mend, easy to roll cast.

I’d also avoid Rio because you’ll want a durable line, and in my experience no current line by Rio qualifies.

Jim Ficklin

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I was pretty damn short when I started & I used an 8'6" bamboo rod with no major problems. I agree that a shorter rod would be ideal, but the extra length is a boon once he has his stroke dialed-in, so I wouldn't fret the length too much. As I recall, negotiating brush & tree limbs posed the only problem when I was a kid; I did break my share of tips.

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I have 2 Echo Carbon XL's. I matched them with an Airflo floating lines that was the same weight as the rod, 4wt and 6wt. They cast great and match the rod very well, as long as I don't try to over power everything. It's been a bad habit for over 40 years. I really like the lines.

If I were to choose another line, it would be the Wulff 2-tone triangle taper line the same weight as the rod. I have a 5wt that I use on my RPL+and it works great. The Carbon XL is not quite as fast and the Airflo works fantastic on it. Just my .02.

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