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My Dynaking Squire kept breaking hooks, I think because the hook holding grooves would force open the bend of the hook. I got a Peak Rotary a few years ago and have been very happy with it.

Joel K

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I'm thinking of giving up my Renzetti Traveler vise to my 12 year old, and looking for new vise suggestions. Being from New England, and having gone to UMaine Orono, I'm partial to an HMH- made in Maine. Can anyone provide a recommendation as to what would be a good vice for an intermediate tyer? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Find an older Regal vice. I've been using them since the early 1980s. Great vice for most fly tying, big hooks or small. Joel K

Nick Clayton

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I'm flummoxed at the notion of spending $200 to $600 for a hook holder. The Thompson A fly tying vise was around $15 when I got mine far back in the last century. It still holds hooks.
Yup it'll hold a hook. But that's all it will do, and possibly fairly limited at that. I need a vise that will hold an 8/0 saltwater hook as well as a size 14 hook. I also need a vise that will be adjustable as well as rotate for the amount of UV resin I do. Ever try shaping Surf Candy bodies or UV resin heads with a non rotating vise? Personally I can't stand taking a hook out of the vise and flipping it upside down to tie a Clouser.

Different strokes for different folks. I cant fathom spending a ton of money on an ancient Hardy reel with zero drag, but plenty of people do. I tie mostly on a Renzetti Master these days. Expensive? Very. But it does everything I need it to do and then some, and most importantly I like it and enjoy tying on it.

People spend lots of money on things that do the same job as something cheaper. Why should a fly tying vise be any different?

Chic Worthing

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I just bought a Norvise and will have it in hand in a week or so. I suspect I will have a fairly long learning curve ahead.


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my HMH is going on 40-50 years of heavy use. has 2 set of jaws and i added the tube fly attachment. anything from 28s to 10/0 have not been a problem for me. it rotates but i only look at the other side of a fly i am making when i want to make sure the eyes are on correctly.

David Loy

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I’m sure most of you tie more than I do, but fwiw I started with the Price which I still like (and is near new condition). I consider it my travel vise now, but haven’t had it out in years. Early 90s I bought a Renzetti 4000 for the rotary and I enjoy it just fine. This one has the screw tightener vs the lever, but it works fine for me. My vise isn’t the weak point of my tying ;-), but I have fun all the same. Doubt I’ll ever need another.


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Slightly off topic, but does anyone know where to buy replacement standard jaws for a Peak Rotary vise? Peak sells them, but at a large markup to protect their retail partners. But none of the retail shops carry the standard jaws, only the midge and saltwater and jumbo jaws. Apparently, the standard jaws alone aren't even in the catalog. It's weird!

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