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Any one else out there in the South of Seattle area been noticing a real good crop of small bass this year. I seem to be catching lots of 6" to 12" bass in lakes that in recent years had very few bass in them small or big. Makes me wonder if they are being helped by the slot limits or if there was just a real good weather for them or what. I have had days were I have caught 15-20 bass in 2 hours or less fishing between 7PM to 9PM. About 25% have been 11" or bigger. Been lots of fun on my old fiberglass 5WT rod. Now if I could just keep the small ones off and catch only the bigger ones. All the bass have been taken sub surface along the shore shallows between 3-7 ft in depth. All were released unharmed. Example last Wed caught and released 14 bass in 75 minutes of fishing with the largest being 13" and a couple of 11"-12" thrown in with the rest being 7"-10". Anyways its been lots of fun, I just do not remember catching this many or any in the same lakes like this last year. Lets hope enough are left from this batch to get bigger for some real fun in years to come. Still want to catch a 5 LBS or bigger on my old 5WT. :THUMBSUP
Hey, I just started fly fishing this year. Bass was one of the fish that I figured that I could go after close to home, no luck so far. Could I ask if you know of any good Bass lakes on the north end? I've been out fishing about a half a dozen times since I bought my rig and am getting pretty frustrated with a total skunk on fish.
I do a lot of bass fishing next to fly fishing. I fish Beaver Lake for bass all of the time since I live across the street from it. Although I have never used fly gear for them, I do catch many small bass. I use large 4 1/2 inch fat tubes for them and catch bass as small as 6 inches. I have always noticed this in Beaver Lake though, but don't be discouraged, I have a friend who caught a 6 1/2 lbs bass 2 weeks ago out of Beaver, so there are big ones in there. I just think most of them are deep in the hot summer and they are hard to find. You should try Sammamish for smallmouth, it's much greater bass fishing and smallmouth fight a hell of a lot more than largemouth. Even the small ones will pull a ton of drag.

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