FS Fly lines, single hand and spey - S.A., Rio and Airflo. All New


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All lines are brand new on spools in boxes. Add $3.50/line for shipping anywhere in the lower 48..

Ridge Supple Tactical WF3F. Lichen green $50
Presentation Taper Rivers and Streams WF6F Pale mint $60
Spey/Switch All Around Performance Range Compact 510gr Mint Gree $42

Scientific Anglers:
Titan Taper Mastery Textured 233gr WF7F/I Turtlegrass/pale green $35 SOLD
Amplitude Bonefish WF8F Black/surf/Ivory $90
Skagit 23.5' Head Skagit Compact 2.0 F $48
Skagit Head Third Coast 480gr Int. 22'6" Blue $38
Spey Freightliner 480gr Int. Black/ $45

Rio In Touch Sink Tip 350gr 8-9ips 24' sink tip 9/10wt. Black/green $75
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