Fishing fads, pick one that matters


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Anything other than a bamboo rod with a dry fly should not only be considered a fad, it should be illegal


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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I wondered if you were still fishing or had switched over to skiing yet.
We have had incredible snowfall totals already. Through Nov 1 Big Sky was sitting at 237% above average.

I'm trying to squeeze in a few more days on the water before changing gears. It is going to be a long winter.

David Loy

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Damn Rob, your nicer than I thought. Not sure this douche deserved to have a windshield left.
I could guess a couple guys here that might have written the note on a head sized stone, delivered from close range.

How about starting a Personal Shopper support staff. Start an account by entering your fishing profile (address and preferred vendors), initialize with say a 1K deposit, and list of authorized shoppers. We just need to find an honest fisherman to run it.....


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Simms should make a #TRASHSZN video that is just an over saturated slow motion montage of dudes picking up trash on the river with techno blasting in the background.

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