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It's all in what you enjoy. Fly fishing is #1 for me, but I also fish with spinning gear at times. A big advantage with fly fishing is that you can pick-up your line/fly & cast to a feeding fish quickly. You can't do that with a spinning/gear outfit unless the you spot the fish while you're ready to cast. All that being said, the very act of using a fly rod is most enjoyable to me.
Hahaha. You should add, "you can pick up your line if you're using floating". Last night I spotted a five pound brookie cruising the shoreline right after laying a marvelous, long cast out with a full sink. I thought it was still close enough to the surface to recast. I ended up watching that huge fish cruise off into the depths, while my fly line was comically wrapped around me. All I could do was laugh.


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do whats the most fun. but really !!! flyfishing is not the most productive way to catch fish- generally. other wise all the guides would chuck their jigs/eggs/plugs/spinners & spoons, herring/anchovies etc. do love how they grab a spoon drifting through a run though.


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Day 8 of 15 in the OP fly fishing coastal rivers. Small SRC fly catches trout (SRC & Bull) as well as Coho and 20# plus Chinook. Crazy how such big fish will go for a small fly. Note how successful a pea sized pegged egg used by some can be. But, large and medium Intruder flies (lure size) or variations of same flies, properly presented, work just as well if no better. No question gear easily out fishes flies in these rivers. Fly fishing gets significantly harder when there are periodically less fish in the river or when fish are present and do not want to play. Gear is then sure a better choice if catching is your thing. It’s just not what I like. Hooking makes me happy. Landing brings a little more satisfaction, but I remember the losses. It’s the whole package: Hunting, casting, confidence, persistence, tying flies, awesome combat even if for a minute. Today’s rain has my increase anticipation for the next few days.

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Hahaha. You should add, "you can pick up your line if you're using floating".
There is that, but since I don't launch long casts much anymore, rarely use full-sink lines and typically throw dry lines or Int lines, that didn't trigger a flag in my aging mind. But you ARE correct - and I have been the center in fly line cocoons on occasion. Laughing feels so much better than being pissed. :D

I have also had some impressive "professional over-runs" a.k.a. "birds' nests" while using level wind reels and have grimaced as a loose wrap/loop on a spinning reel spool created snarled tangles until the guides stopped outward progress, lol. Stuff happens.
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I fly fish any time it's reasonable. If it's the wrong water or the "fly" weighs more than 1/8 of an ounce, I'm far from above breaking out the gear. Mostly, for me, it depends on the water.


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i gear fished for decades before i decided to seriously take up fly fishing. after more decades of fly only, i know mix it up depending on where i am and what i am doing. anything you try and put in front of a fish is a 'lure' in one form or another so i don't agree with that distinction.

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