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I've had a rash of broken hooks lately. They happen on my backcast I'm sure. I wonder if the stainless saltwater hooks I use now are more brittle than the regular freshwater hooks. Another thought is my vice is old and cheap and I really need to reef down on it to secure the hook in its jaws. Could this cause the jaws to score the hook making more likely to break? They break right at the apex of the bend. I'm on a steep beach lately and think my backcast scraps the ground.....


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That's backcast all day long man, been there many times. Frustrating, but hooks dont handle getting smacked on rocks very well. Try standing sideways and watching your backcast to make sure it completely unfolds and stays in the air... or its trout spey time


What brand of hook? Over the years I've noticed that some Asian super sharp hooks are brittle and easily broken. Some break when I clamp them in my vise. I've had problems with old TMC hooks and recently with Sabre hooks breaking in my vise. And I know of older TMC hooks breaking when striking something on the back cast.
Also be super careful when crimping the barb - I've broken hooks while crimping, and probably weakened hooks too (so they broke too easily later).


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Backcasting onto rocks, reefing down on hooks to secure in your vise and in flattening a barb with pliers can cause breakage. If the jaws on your vise are loose and no amount of wrench turning is making them tighten up to hold the hook, you might have to manage things as best as you can until you can get the old jaws replaced or buy a new vise with better jaws. Help hold the hook in place with your forefinger and thumb of your non-tying hand while wrapping materials down with your bobbin. What can also help somewhat is a small, half x half inch or so, piece of 100 grit sandpaper. Fold it in half so the grit sides oppose each other, place the hook in between and then pinch all between the jaws of your vise. This will help tighten things up.

Additionally, I have broken or seen more hooks broken with needle nose pliers or hemostats than I care to remember. I now use a flat nose plier that has a beak about 2 inches long by a quarter inch wide and this results in few broken points. If the first thing you do is pinch the barb before you place it in your vise you also will suffer less disappointment then when you pinch it when the fish are there and it's the last example of what they're biting. Pliers with a serrated pinching surface can be extremely detrimental to a hook.


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Pricey, but I’ve found the Tiemco 811S hooks stand up about as well as anything I’ve used for salmon fishing. I’ve only had a few break over a lot of years using them.
I buy them by the 100 pack to drive the cost per hook down. Still not inexpensive.

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