Tiger Trout

Ron Simpson

I have been going up to a high mountain lake above green water for 30 years and only caught brook trout....until last Sunday caught 4 tiger trout and 0ne dolly varden. I haven`t seen a plant for the lake by the state but it looks like a lot of tigers are in there. Any thoughts on this? Will the tigers take over this small lake?

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Caught my first 4 years ago...high mountain lakes...beautiful specimens...The ones I have caught were 14 to 19"...and tasty...stuffed with huckleberries in camp.
I visited a beautiful alpine lake in the mountains of central Idaho 20 years ago that was full of stunted brookies. I was back a couple of summers ago to see the eclipse and hiked in to the lake again and was pleasantly surprised to find healthy sized brookies and, to my surprise, tiger trout. I suspect Idaho F&G must be using tigers for control of brookies, too.


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Have yet to catch one but see that they are starting to stock them in some prairie lakes now so its only a matter of time........

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