Do you fly your own ties?


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During a discussion I had with a stranger on the bus, we talked about flyfishing and I brought up that I am in this hobby so deep that I even tie the flies that I fish. He then asked me a puzzling but strangely accurate question, "So do you fly your own ties?" The normal response here would be to correct the person and rephrase his question stating "oh so you mean do I fish the flies that I tie?" but after giving his question some quick analysis, he was asking a relevant question. I told him that I actually do fly the ties that I create. I even followed it up by saying that tie flying is something fun to do during the winter when the weather is shitty outside.

So I have to ask, do you fly your own ties?..:)
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My personally tied flies fly through the air with greatest of finesse when I can cast with the properly timed back cast. Otherwise they flutter uncontrollably into the water with a splash...


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I'm not a think as you drunk I am! And I fly ties too.. or thai phlies… which one is it?


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There was a kite flying contest at the community center one year, sponsored by the fire department.

With the help of my librarian grandma, I came up wth the slogan

"Fire can be dire."
The word dire was new to me.

I spelled this out in block letters with black electrical tape on the clear dry cleaning bag surface of the conventional crossed-wood-stick-style kite I made.

I tied the kite to the end of the string on the wooden reel of string.
The kite did fly, briefly.

The contest was not well attended, I was the only one in my age group, and I won first prize.

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