Where you fished as a kid?

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Iveflone's thread the big swirl and responses to it got me thinking about a place i fished as a kid and how fishing them was once an adventure but now are too adventurous.

I used to fish a little tributary to the middle section of the Washougal. It was a chore to get in and out of and even to fish. Bushwhacking through nettles and devils club, scaling waterfalls wading through log jams all for the pretty little dark colored native cutthroat who maxed out at 11 inches and then only in the biggest deepest pools which are few and far between. If I'd head far enough upstream you start running into ancient plank dams , sluices and a little debris left behind by miners and loggers. It always made me feel like i was really out in the middle of nowhere.
There was even a spot with a patch of logan berries. I wish i was a kid again, the sense of wonder and adventure isn't there anymore, at least not for myself, i get that feeling helping other people on their adventures which i don't get to do near enough.

You're turn.


All the places I fished were fairly close to La Grande. The North Powder Ponds. Catherine Creek. The upper Grande Ronde. Unity Reservoir. Lostine. The Wallowa.

My family was very much into the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, mushroom hunting, camping, the whole shebang.

Oddly enough, I didn't really like fishing as a kid. I didn't like the taste of trout and dealing with the bones was a pain. So I didn't see the point. So I could really take or leave fishing.

It wasn't until later and during my early twenties that I started flyfishing and I had never thought of if before, my dad was very much into the harvest of fish, I decided to release whatever I caught. Wellll.... that changed everything. Fishing for fun instead of a food source was something I could get into ... and did...


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lake washington tribs - juanita creek, bear creek, little bear creek, the slough. mostly juanita cause we lived in kingsgate and i could jump the fence, sprint across 405, and be on the creek in 20 minutes on foot. it was loaded with fish from helen keller all the way down to the lake. so many little trout/smolts and BIG src's.


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I've been fishing since I could walk. I first tried fly fishing in high school (late 80s) at a friend's house using their cheap fiberglass rod for stocked trout in their small pond (nobody really knew hot to fly fish - we just sort of flailed about and happened to catch a few fish here and there). Then started to collect my own fly gear and taught myself over the years.

Man I had some adventures growing up on SW Washington. High mountain lakes, tiny mountain streams, battling devils' clubs and salmon berry thickets trying to get into beaver ponds, etc. Catching salmon on my trout gear in small rivers. My first king salmon, a 20lber, that I literally had to chase downstream and somehow finally caught using my trout setup. Weekends spent at my grandparents fishing the south sound area - clamming, crabbing, and learning to fish the salt water. Some great stories that are fun share around the campfire or over a drink.


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Puget Sound and Hood Canal mainly.
My dad, a old Swede was more a saltwater guy rather then a freshwater angler.

We spent tons of weekends on both catching or collecting salmon, bottomfish, crabs, clams, oysters and geoducks. It was a great place to spend time as a kid and still is today.

My first steelhead came from the Puyallup in 1968 when I was 8.
I think I petted the scales off the damn thing I was so happy. Caught it on a red Sammy Special.

We also spent a fair amount of time at Mineral Lake and Lake Cushman when we did fish lakes.
Opening day at Mineral was always a interesting show with drunks, weird boats and boat launch fights.
I recall getting snowed on a few times on opening day.


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I grew up as the son of a WDFW fish hatchery manager...I'm told as a 4 year old I was caught multiple times escaping the house to fish in the trout raceways with my snoopy rod. About gave my poor mother a heart attack!

Growing up on fish hatcheries naturally put fish filled rivers in my back yard. I remember fishing nearly every day after school on the Sol Duc in the mid 2000's back when there was a steelhead or salmon of some variety to be caught nearly any month of the year. A #3 blue fox in orange/bronze, or a blue/silver seemed to always do the trick for me. Where our house was situated I could access a skid road that let me drop way further down the river on the hatchery run than most, and without having to climb through the blow down and coves that make the bank tricky to traverse. I can't count the times someone who though they were there first one on the water was surprised to see a kid packing their fish out, unknowing that anyone else was downriver of them them. Didn't find fly fishing till later in high school, but now going back to those places I fished as a kid is always a treat.

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