Where you fished as a kid?

Jon Brengan

flyfishing addict
I have been fishing since my dad made the mistake of giving his family the choice of a family vote. Either we could trudge uphill to some scenic view-spot or we could go fishing. Well my mom voted with us kids and wherever we were, they had just stocked the stream and we all caught fish. My dad then bribed me and my brother with the yard, which had to be mowed and clipped before anyone went fishing, my brother and I could get that yard into shape on a weekend night and we were off to fish some stream or river on the weekend. We used to fish on the Tolt river where it joined the Snoqualmie, we always caught trout, but my mom hooked her first Steelhead there too. Every summer we went on a week long family camping trip and the goal was to catch the biggest fish. At that time my mom had this huge cast iron fry pan and nobody caught a fish that was that big, but given the challenge we eventually caught one that didn't fit that pan. Later we found a tributary of the Snoqualmie that was barely a creek but flowed out of some beaver ponds near Carnation - we had many great fishing journey's in that drainage. Some time later my grandparents moved to southern Idaho and we started the majority of our fishing out of state. But it was there that I was introduced to a fly rod and reel by my grandmother and I've been fishing that way ever since.

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