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A glass of wine with dinner.
Shots of hi-end tequila on weekends or after work if friends stop over.
Cold beer while out with the guys or on hot summer days around the house.

Age is not an excuse.


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After barfing my guts into the campfire thanks to some tequila and rum concoction in May, its strictly beer for me from now on. The last time I was that sick was 35 years ago and I don't want to feel that again. In my 20s that was fun but in my 60s its just stupid. The recovery time now is much longer.
Had one of those nights recently. It's been since the early 90s when the last episode happened. Guess I needed a reminder...
Let's hope it's that elapsed time frame again. ;)
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Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
Maybe 3 or 4 drinks in a week.

A dram of middle shelf scotch; Balvenie Doublewood or Macallan on Friday night or when backpacking.

I'll have a can of Scotch ale for a victory dance after fishing, or after working in the yard.

I'll have a glass of wine with a good lamb, steak, barbecue chicken, fish dinner.


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Some funny stuff maybe due to marketing. Not sure I ever encountered a "high end" tequilla on either side of the border, but some of it is better than the others.

Now there's artisanal (damn, is that even a word?) brewing of craft beers and most of those that I've tried seemed ........ marginal, to put it nicely.

In my opinion, be skeptical of the higher priced cra,....er, stuff.

-drink the chianti, the beaujolais, the Rainier, Hamms, Budweiser, Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Canadian Club.

Sip the sake, guzzle the Soju......but do not ever drive, steer, fly, or operate anything until you are stone cold sober

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I had some CC when I was in the service in Greenland. I thought I was blind when I finally woke up. That shit was nasty. Never touched it again. Was 21 at that time

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Spent the weekend taking some older buddies down the river. Since it was my local and I’ve had some recent success I spent more time drinking beer and watching them fish than anything else.

It was FUCKING awesome!

But each morning it looked like I was in my 60s and they were in their 40s.


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I enjoy having a beer with my Son, Son-in-Law, neighbor, and my old hunting partner. The "drinking to unfunctional" phase passed many years ago. One or two beers & I quit.
I am, like Jim Ficklin, good for a drink or two then I am done.
...............Moderation is the key...............
One's to many, and a thousand not enough. Clean and sober for over 9 yrs now. I don't puke or have hangovers, loose my truck keys, break my rods, etc. I can even find my ass with both hands
I tend to have an allergic reaction of breaking out in handcuffs when I drink, so I put it down 9 years ago
"A good man always knows his limitations"

In my younger days, my nickname was "two beers" because that was all I could remember drinking. Eventually I grew wiser.


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I took two loaves of bread out of the oven about an hour ago and just cut a 2'' slab off of one end, slathered it in butter then added some warm sharp cheddar cheese and chased it with a glass of wine. What a great way to end the day!

Going back for seconds now...