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Hooked and landed a 25lbish Bull on a 8wt RPLxi from a small BC trib in above average flow for early summer and afterwards thought to myself that if anyone asked me to go chase river Chinooks it would be a quick No Thanks........ when they get that big in streams with some flow all they need to do is turn sideways and you lose every bit of line you gained in a couple of seconds.......


Have you swung a fly today?-
Was wondering... what weight of rod would everyone want to be using for big Springs 25 to 35 pounds? Hooked into a 30 pound plus Spring on my 8 weight and was relieved when it snapped my tippet before my rod (not sure if it would have but!!!)...I landed a beautiful silver 17 pound Coho on my eight weight, what a rush!

F$&$$ing eh congrats

U r good with the 8 just work it

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