FS 2020 Calendar - Are you in?


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After a few kind comments of encouragement I'm considering making a professional quality "Press Printed" wall-hanger 2020 calendar. It would be the large size, 11"x17", and would cost $45 shipped USPS book rate to your door, Lower 48. (Paypal, please). Reduced price $5 lower for additional calendars shipped together. The calendar will likely include 9-10 classic gear shots and 2-3 stream/landscape.

A few samples are shown below. Please let me know if you are interested. If enough folks want one (or more) I'll submit the printing order.

Instagram site: @dryflyphotography
Website: ronraport.smugmug.com

tight lines,



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I’m out of town until next week but you’re welcome to shoot them then.
I’m in either way though!
I think I have three different year calendars from back when the guy on the Classic Forum was doing them. I’ve missed them since he quit doing it, so I look forward to yours.
Shoot me a message when you're back in town, and think of what you'll want to pose those beauties with.

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