FS Lines - New Single Hand and Switch: Nearly New Salt

Don Perry

I have some lines that need to get on the water rather than sitting in a drawer. For complete line specs look at the photos. Shipping would be $5 for one (1st class), $8 for two or more (priority).

Cortland 444 "Modern Trout", WFF5F, moss green. New. $40.
SA Sonar WF6F/S, Type III. Spooled once but never used. $35.
SA Sonar WF6F/S, Type V. $35
SA Sonar WF8F/S, Type IV. $35
SA Sonar WF5F/S, Type V. $35
Rio Switch Chucker #6. Spooled once but never used. Sold.
Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head. $25.

I bought the saltwater lines for GT fishing on Christmas Island. I reinforced the factory loops with a couple of nail knots and mounted them on reels. Sadly, except for some casting practice and one smaller GT, they stayed in my dry bag or got carried around by the guide.

Airflo Sniper Tactical. This is a shooting head (13 wt at 30') integrated to a long running line. I think I cut off 20 feet of running line to fit on my reel and put on a braided mono loop. Takes a stronger caster than I to throw it. $20.

Rio Tarpon Short (same taper as Outbound Short) WF11F. $40.

SA Grand Slam (Textured) WF11F. $35.


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Hi Don, would you recommend the airflow sniper for an orvis 8wt switch? Or maybe the tarpon line? It's for beach chucking in the sound.

Maybe knowing the grain weight would help

Don Perry

The sniper has a 30' floating head with a grain weight of 439. The tarpon short has a 32' head at 380 grains.