WTB 10wt rod, reel for salt

Steve Saville

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I have an Xi2 10 wt. in great shape that I would sell for $300. But truthfully, I was on Christmas Island in June of 2018 and I took the 10 wt. with along with a 12 wt. for the GTs and an 8 wt. for the Bones. The 10 wt. never came out of the tube. The guide carried the 12 most of the time though I did get two GTs and a Bluefin Trevally on the 12 wt. I am sure there are opportunities for a 10 wt. nut hardly anyone of the eighteen of us took more than two rods out each day.


This gent has a 10wt Salt for $400:

I just picked up a brand new Scott Meridian for $550 after taxes at my neighbor shop! You may want to check your local shop or online retailers as these went on clearance this year.
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