13 YO Breaks 42 year Utah Golden Trout Record

The world record, and probably 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., is from the Wind River range in Wyoming, where they were first planted in the 30s and have done really well.


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I was surprised the Utah state record size was not bigger than it is given the larger sizes present in other states



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My fav (actually hate!) are some of the ridiculous line class records for many fish. World record Golden Trout of 8oz on 30 pound test!?!?! Stuff like that.

Like climbing Mt Everest, I do not care who is the youngest, oldest, dumbest, tallest, richest, poorest..to have summited.

"Just Do It for yourself" and no fanfare is my motto
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What a waste! He should have let it go. Records get broken all the time. Nobody remembers. Let it go and you've won yourself a lifetime of holier-than-thou humble-bragging.

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