Where do you find your flys?


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A bunch of us were hired at Boeing to bail out their welders on the triple 7 jig project. 1 young kid I worked with asked bout the bugs on my cap.I pointed out I was a fly fisherman. He asked me where and when and a bunch of other stuff , I enjoyed the talks at lunch til he asked where I got my flys, "on the window sills of your house?"
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Jim Ficklin

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In storage drawers (which periodically multiply) in labelled boxes (tailored to either specific species, favorite waters, or both.). Of late, most of my "new"/"potential patterns" come from this site - thanks, folks!

David Loy

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I know how quickly a vacuum deals a fatal blow to leaders and fly line.
Sometimes I fill out a box going through the grocery sack full of unused boxes in the tying room closet. At least half have some left over flies.

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