Sage XP 5 weight 4-piece 9' rod with Tioga reel for sale

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Selling my Sage rod. Description:

-9' Sage XP 590-4 5 weight 4-piece rod with the rod's original cloth overwrap and hard travel case. Case has some minor scratches.

-Tioga reel with adjustable drag. Reel has minor scratches but works beautifully. Reel also has WF 5 weight line that could probably be replaced but is still effective.

This rod and reel combo was put together for me by a local fly shop five years ago. This combo works together wonderfully and is incredibly balanced. I love both rod and reel and it kills me to have to part with them. A truly great outfit in my opinion.

I am asking $525 dollars for the combo. Not wanting to separate the two (rod and reel) but willing to listen.

If interested email me at or call me at (360) 598-1587.


Richard E

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I have the same model rod and line weight (590-4XP), and out of my 20 fly rods or so, it's a tossup between it and my GLX 6 weight as to which are my favorite.

The 590-4XP is, in my humble opinion, the quintessential Western trout rod. Whether delicately presenting a #20 Trico or chucking a #2 salmonfly nymph, it will do it all.
This is my last night of work for 3 weeks and I do not have access to my email or internet at home. I will try to check it periodically when I am able but any serious inquiries should call me at (360) 598-1587.

Some people have expressed interest in the rod only. I would like to keep the rod and reel together since they are so balanced, but I am willing to sell just the rod for $400.

This rod normally retails for $590.


I am reducing the price one last time. I will sell the combo for $375. I will sell the rod only for $350.

Again, I would like to keep the combo together but will sell rod separately. Please phone me at (360) 598-1587 if interested. Looking to sell ASAP!

This will be the last reduction in price.

Phone is a much better way to reach me for the next two weeks as I am unable to check my email that much right now. If you get answering machine, leave your name and phone number and I will call you back as soon as I can.

Please see first post for rod and reel description. I feel that this is an absolute steal at this price, but I need the money for family obligations.

Thank you.

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