Squimpish hair.... WHO IS USING IT??


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Just wanted to know if anyone was using Squimpish hair for tying streamers... If you are could you please share your thoughts on the material and also let me know if you have any idea on what can be used as an alternative... Thank you in advance for anyone who responds.

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I just started playing with it, haven’t had much vise time lately, hope to be spreading some silicone tonight if I got anything left of me after work. From what I have, it’s pretty cool stuff. Only dislike so far is it’s tough to get a good clump of uniform length. It reminds me of yak hair, but not as “stiff” or “sticky “. I just need to play with it more. Pics soon to come

Randall Clark

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I handled some last weekend when I stopped by the Deschutes Anglers...felt really nice. I suppose if you tied it Popovic's hollow style it might work ok. Who knows though without actually getting it lashed onto a fly and swimming it.


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We received a product sample in the mail and enjoyed tying with it! It’s something that we will be adding to our site in the near future!


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I got a product sample too, looks great but haven't tied with it yet. The tapers are more suitable for larger baitfish patterns is my impression.

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