Patagonia Artifishal and Cooke


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Patagonia recently released their full film, Artifishal on youtube for free. The movie is largely based around hatchery operations but the part of the movie I remember best (Because Mikael Frodin was bombing line and landing gigante salmo) was the part about all the negative aspects net pen operations, including a part where they show great footage of the Cooke Aquaculture pen explosion in the San Juans last year. So fucked up haaa.

Watch Artifishal:

Consider. Just got this in the inbox:

Public comment extended on Cooke Aquaculture proposal to raise rainbow trout/steelhead in Washington waters
Here is the thread for that: WDFW/Cooke public comment period extended to 11/22


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Watched this last night. Fantastic documentary even if all it does is get more people talking and thinking about the issue.
Definitely interesting perspective. Consider the Elwah and its rebound after the dam removal. If we build it remove it, they will come (back).

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