Fish Hunter Marabou

Chic Worthing

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Has anyone tried this particular brand of Marabou? Those who are selling it makes it sound like they invented moon. Have not seen anyone that used it and verified the claims of it being so fabulous.

Maybe the clue to the answer is "those who are selling it"


steve s

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Fish Hunter marabou is great stuff. Their spey marabou is some of the best out there. I've been using it for well over ten years. The only stuff that I have used that might be better is Waters West's spey marabout. Both are outstanding quality and the only two brands that I will purchase.

Steve Saville

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Are you referencing Fish Hunter that used to be in Kent? If so, I know the guys who run it. They are now in Idaho and were bought out by Nature's Spirit, if I'm not mistaken.

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