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Got a few things not being used that I'm looking to unload. Prices are OBO within reason, buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred.

Stonfo Transformer vise.

I bought this vise new and have tied a lot of flies on it. Excellent vise that will cover literally all of your tying needs, however I went in a different direction and now this just isn't being used.

Overall the vise is in very good shape. Few small scuffs and such on the vise itself but barely noticable. I've tied 99.9% with the standard jaws and as such the streamer head and tube head are basically brand new. I've used both just enough to try them out when I first bought it. Both work great I just prefer to tie on the standard jaws for normal flies, and dont tie many tubes at all anymore.

The biggest sign of wear is on the base as there is some UV resin and head cement spills I tried to show in the pic.

I've tied up to 8/0 in the standard jaws so I know it'll tie any huge flies you want. I've never tied anything very small but I have no doubt it would handle tiny stuff fine. The tube head works great for tube flies.

Comes with everything it comes with brand new including the three heads, bobbin cradle, parachute tool etc. Also comes in original box.

Extremely versatile vise and while it's hard for me to get rid of it it is just sitting to much these days. Possibly the smoothest vise I've ever tied on. Extremely well made.



Sony a6300 camera and Sony 55-210mm lense.

I bought the camera body brand new with no lense about maybe 8 months ago. I've used it a fair amount since then but in the scheme of things this has a ton of life left on it. Wonderful camera, but I bought two other Sony mirrorless cameras which have left this one sitting unused.

I bought the lense used in new condition. When I bought the lense it did not come with a lense cap so that's the one thing I dont have. I own a bunch of Sony e mount lenses and this one just doesn't get used much so figured I'd include it.

Lightweight, small footprint, interchangeable lenses....really great cameras. I also own the a6500, a6500, and my son has the a5100. These are all very well reviewed cameras.



Nikon Coolpix p900

Bought this brand new last May thinking I would use the great zoom a lot, but I just dont. The zoom on this thing is incredible, but I just dont find myself using it.

Less than 300 pics have been taken with this camera. Comes with box, charger but I cant find the owners manual. It's easily downloaded though


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