Whale Flies?


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So I was out bird watching today at high tide at Budd Inlet and saw a whale. It was a bit outside my casting range (about 100 yards away). I'm new to this area and was wondering what kind of fly I should tie up just in case?


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A chum fly (the salmon, not a mimic of its prey). The southern resident killer whales (SRKW) spend the late fall in the South Sound feeding on chum salmon. After the chum run is over (especially the late Nisqually run), the SRKW head out through the Strait of Juan de Fuca into the Pacific Ocean and turn south for the winter in search of feeding salmon. They may end up as far south as Monterey Bay.

Jim Travers

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Heavily tempting to rig up a rig with enough horse power and strap in and try to reel in a whale. Seriously considering lookin' af options to take on this as a project. GUARANTEED making the fishin' mag cover circuit with a FEAT like that


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I like to dead drift a dead baby orca fly...the female whales will carry it around in their mouth for up to 3 days, so take your time setting the hook.


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Now in the preliminary design of a 'tailer' that will handle a very large whale or one of the smaller varieties. The tailer needs to be completely redesigned because a whales flukes are horizontal while the Atlantic salmon's tail is vertical, it not just a matter of increasing the size.

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