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I recently ending my alarm monitoring service. By the time police arrive the thieves would be gone anyway. I did keep up the alarm signs, added fake cameras, and new beware of dog/no trespassing/smile your on camera signs. If that is not a deterrent and they get past my first line of defense...I'll have something waiting on the inside ;)

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heres what I think I understand from googling around
I'll put it out there as a straw man to be corrected by others.

cameras are wired in using ethernet, which also provides the power. POE, power over ethernet.
as opposed to wireless connections, and other ways of providing power

blue iris is the software, runs on PC server

pc server is the central computer

google voice.... less clear about its role

Please elaborate, anyone.

If I understand this, the advantages would include no need for wireless to be working for the system to work and no need to replace camera batteries. Installation would be harder due to running the ethernet wiring around, but more resilient in the long run.


Ps is there a router needed in there somewhere?
correct. google voice allows you to send alerts to your phone. you set the google voice up in blue iris and when it needs to send an alert to you, it will use the google voice phone software to tranmit it. this makes your system not need to have a wireless cell service attached to it or be hardwired into some sort of IP phone. You dont need a router (expect for internet). what you do is attach a POE switch to the router. then each camera plugs into that switch which both handles the camera feed data, and supplies the cameras with power to run. Some people even put a backup power supply system in, for times when power goes out.

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