November 1st in Hilo


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Aloha, headed out yesterday for some mahi and some bottom fishing. Water was nice and the mountains looked beautiful in the morning glow.

Hit a state buoy and had small rat ahi, more like mice. Caught a couple and then they got scared, marked a big fish, must have been a marlin. We didn't want to deal with a marlin so headed in for some bottom. On the way I saw a swirl and told Eric turn the boat. This big bull mahi took the lure, we thought is might be a small marlin or spearfish, but when we saw it jump green we were stoked. Got it in and I said, "If you are going to catch one mahi this is the one to get."

We headed in and made some drops and got some nice opakapaka. Eric got this beauty. He says this will be his New Year's fish.

Best fillet in all of fishing. Hope you all have a great fall, Mems.


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Holy cow, mems, that’s a heck of a mahi. You must have been pretty stoked. What’s the bottom fishing like out there?


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Bottom fishing is pretty good. We can only keep 5 of the deep seven per person as a sport fisherman. Some closed areas just opened up and it has been better there. We target different species at different depths. Opajapaka is one of the best eating snappers we have.

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