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We have both Stressless and IMG Divani. Both expensive and worth it although the IMG is the favorite. Insanely comfortable. Just getting ready to see if we can have the foam redone on the IMG recliners. If not we'll get two new ones.


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Ist one I bought lasted 15 plus years, the one I have now will last longer. Make sure you sit in the different sizes before buying, don't guess which one will work best!


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If they are Amish, how can they have have a website at all? They eschew technology for their image, but if it helps them, they are on board.

When I was 19, I visited a WI Amish furniture factory. The first thing I saw was this beautiful 14" miter saw. Saw the guy use it, it made a whirring noise that I connected to an air motor. They said their factory used no electricity, and it might not have, but I certainly saw a 50hp diesel powered air compressor out back.

This isn't a dig at Amish, just a dig on hypocrisy in general.
I think it would be clearer to say that Amish deliberate purposefully about what technology to adopt or intentionally not adopt.

Not that they have a blanket policy against technology.

Therefore, not hypocrisy.



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Looking at spending way too much money on one of these chairs.

Super comfortable chair and bomb proof. My sister has had one for 15 years and it looks almost new. Every time I sit in it my back feels like I'm 18 again.

Anyone got one and like or dislike it? Anyone own a good knock off? Thx
yes I have one, and wish I had not waited so long to get it.

I have been on a mission to correct various misalignments and strain patterns accumulated over a lifetime, an effort to keep the glass half full moving forward.

I would have been better if I had a chair like this all along.

well worth the dollars.

I would get another one.



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we have one but have found the way less expensive chair from IKEA just as comfortable.


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which IKEA chair would that be? minor back surgery and looking for something without breaking the bank.
i'll see if i can find it.

as with anything like this, you need to go sit in it and see if meets your needs. they also make a similar as a rocking chair, we have both along with the stressless.

or try this one:

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