Large e-commerce business targets small business owners with lawsuits


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Trademarks do have to be protected to prevents losing them.

But in this case "Backcountry" is a single generic term, a common place. A place meant to be untrammled, wild and free for any to enjoy.

There's nothing catchy or original about the name.

I see this as a bit of a corporate flex to affect competition. They've definitely lost my business and I'm sure I'm not the only.

So what do you think? Just another day of biz or corporate thugging?

Thanks for sharing the story.

Driftless Dan

Driftless Dan
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The backlash is real for

Type in “ sues”
You get several articles.

The parent equity group also has these brands in their stable...
Dutch Bros
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Famous Amos

Just type in “TSG Consumer portfolio” for the full list
Excellent research! You've obviously "followed the money." That's what we always should be doing.


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It's too bad. I always try to buy from a local shop but when you ski, climb and try to fish but live nowhere any shops sometimes you end up buying online. I always had a good experience with them but will no longer use them.

Also to add, they sell fly fishing gear so I have no idea why this would not be an appropriate topic for this forum.


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Backcountry, Patagonia, Yeti, and North Face can all suck it. All four have filed suits on trademark infringment that are baseless. All four will not see a dime of my hard earned money.

This is especially caustic in the Backcountry case as they sued small businesses with shallow pockets. It's hard enough running a small business without some mega corp trying to push you around and walk your money out of court

As always I'll buy local and support those who support their respective sports and partitioners.

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