Is this bear scat

Jeremy Floyd

Soap from the fat seems to be the best I’ve heard of.
What did ya do with it Wayne? I could see some wicked flies coming from that fur!
The fat is why i can't handle straight bear meat. It is incredibly sticky and hard at body temp. It is hard to get it off your palate, and it has a very specific taste that you cannot miss.

Wade Spani

Active Member
gross.. I cant eat bear unless its like 66/33 pork to bear
That one was pretty young and shot it in April on a spring bear tag. You woulda been surprised how mild it was. I processed it at home and took the rump to my mom's the next day and she made pot roast. I wouldn't have known it wasn't beef. Now I'm not a professional so the occasional hair in the burger was kinda annoying.

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