Is this bear scat


the sultan of swing
That one was pretty young and shot it in April on a spring bear tag. You woulda been surprised how mild it was. I processed it at home and took the rump to my mom's the next day and she made pot roast. I wouldn't have known it wasn't beef. Now I'm not a professional so the occasional hair in the burger was kinda annoying.
The occasional hair adds fiber to your diet

Jim Travers

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When you see its poop that's the last thing that happens before you hear it go "RAH!!" and then it's too late


Wild Trout
This is a good gallon size pile of bear scat locally in farmland.


Ran across these old signs in barn storage, cannot imagine how spooky finding one of those would be while exploring on foot.


Wild Trout
Can see bear tracks and rarely, the bear, from cherry season to corn season through late Winter apple season.

Pretty nocturnal I think, much like the deer-their tracks show they are here, but hardly see one in daylight.

Too bad they are no salmon carcasses to fatten them anymore.
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Went out for steel this weekend. No fish. BUT. Found these nice cigars. Assuming weasel family. Otter or mink. Composed of a bit of fiber and the rest?.....yuck. Unidentifiable meat or fish. Couldn't see any crawdad shell so figured fish meat. Size right for a mink.


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