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Mark Koch

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I like the method on the Sage Payload, grain window. Payload 8+270-320

Big Fly, shooting line=top of grain window. SA Titan Long 330gr head, 10" musky fly, 60' max cast to touch both banks of the river, works

Small Fly, long cast=bottom of grain window. SA Amp Smooth Bonefish, 210gr 30', 280gr full head, cast as far as I can spot, works

My solution has been to find friends with lines to try or a good local shop that has demo lines. The writing on the blank is a starting point.

Blood Knot

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Use a fast rod when overlining, they have more power when throwing a heavier line. I mix and match all the time just to make up for rods that have gone bye-bye.


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Generally, you can overline a rod when making short casts under 30 feet. Line weights are determined by weighing the first 30' of line. So it makes sense that when you want to make 20' casts with a hopper to the shore off a drift boat on the Yakima, overlining your rod would be a perfect solution. Overlining a rod to gain additional distance will put your rod at risk.

Your take on this subject is quite ironic Sir. Because the gentleman that recommend Overlining my rod. Quoted that he overlines by 1 weight per your recommendations. You have a very distinct name that is undeniable. Now I take all information with a grain of salt, but it is information non the less. In fact being proven or debunked with time.
Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

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