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Is anyone using a Piscifun" brand reel? I'm searching for an inexpensive reel for bass fishing and the aforementioned brand looks interesting. I don't put much weight into the product reviews because it's often the manufacturers posting them. I'd rather be bamboozled by WFF hardliners so if you're using one, I'd appreciate your observations... Thanks.

Gary Thompson

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Seems like I have seen this brand of reel sold by "Amazon" maybe I'm wrong.
Any way what I know about bass fishing on the fly is ya need a stiff rod or use a strip strike to set the hook in their hard mouth. Then ya just have to crank'em in, no drag needed, so any reel should do.
When i used to fish for bass with spin or bait casting gear I would set my drags tight other wise the beasts would drag ya into the weeds or around rocks and get off.
The person to talk to about bass on the fly is Billy Mac.
Just my .02 is Small mouth bass are pound for pound some of the best fighters on any tackle.

Chic Worthing

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I purchased a couple of them and they generally work. I bought them for loaners to keep at a cabin. I had a few that were sub par (drag problems) but amazon took them back


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I'd stay away. I had one and ended up just tossing it.
At the price point, an extra $20 is worth it to get something from either Echo or Redington.

Chic Worthing

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If you want to play around with a few of them. I can mail a few to you. You can get the feel of them and mail them back when you are done.

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