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So I know many in here have been around long enough to know these two rods. RPL are some of the lightest rods ever built. Lighter than XP and Z-Axis. Swing weight was better w/ xp and the Z no matter what Sir Rob Allen says.

But hers the thing. Some of these new lines are making the older rods sing a tune of ‘American Pie’ they are taking the levy higher. A good fly rod is a good fly rod no matter when built or tech factor. Just enjoy it!!!!

Give an Old rod a chance!


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yeah. spent a few days chasing tarpon in south FL last summer, had a battle-scarred 12wt RPL and a 10wt Xi3 along. Wind kept us off the outside for most of the trip, so I didn't fish the 12 until the last day. As I pulled the rod out from under the gunnel and climbed up on the deck, my guide started chuckling and expressed some surprise that I hadn't worn jorts to go along with that rod...

but it's caught one heck of a lot of fish in its time, and it ain't done yet.
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Kyle Smith

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I have yet to meet a fly rod I didn't like. Ones I wouldn't pay money for - of course! I'm looking at you, TCX 590.

The X is amazing if it matches the way you want to use it. For me it's a fast dry fly rod, comfortable at all reasonable distances and fun to cast aggressively with a true to weight line.


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RPL and RPLX are wonderful fast rods. they were built to fish and unless you need to keep up with marketing hype from Sage and others, still available from various sites, including this one. so give a dinosaur a chance, you won't be disappointed.


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I'm a big fan of the RPLXI I have a 12wt 5 piece that Steve Able tried to trade me for one of his reels, yes he is still making a few in his shop. I also have a 7wt that I enjoy fishing. A Z Axis 7wt 11 foot switch that works great for me as well, I wish they had made a RPLXI switch rod I'm sure I would enjoy it as well. I've never fished a X or a Salt, so I can't make a comparison.


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RPLs are nice rods and I have one, but I wouldnt consider it especially lightweight. I have an original glx, original scott g, and livingston traditional graphite in the same 9' 6wt configuration and all of them are noticeably lighter than the RPL. Never tried an x.

Justin Waters

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I am a sucker for a old LL or Scott G (OG) and the RPL series. I think the 9’ 6wt X is my favorite streamer/cutthroat rod ever made. It’s simply a pleasure to cast. All the companies make great sticks, some just seem to hook your heart strings a bit more than others.

Rob Allen

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A good rod is a good rod..

That's why a few rod manufacturers don't redesign their products every few years.
Regardless of what marketing suggests
New materials and manufacturing processes don't change that much or that often.

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