Trip Report Oregon - The Metolius


If it swims I'm interested.
Metolius River

I came along way to get here. I don't see how this view could ever get old. Mind you, this was in late June.

The first stop on this leg of my trip was The Wizard Falls Hatchery.

Red band rainbow trout in a holding pen.

Still waiting for the tug, this little guy waited with me.

My first Red band trout. Hopefully not my last.


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Been there a handful of times. Tricky river to fish with picky trout. Bulls can be spooky too. Possibly the coolest little fly shop/store around.

Driftless Dan

Driftless Dan
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I've only fished it a couple times. Tough river, but like any other, spend enough time on it and I'm sure a fly fisher will start to see his or her luck improve. Beautiful pictures.
Many thanks, brother.
It's my favorite place on this planet, and now that we have 4 kids, live on the South Carolina coast and no longer have in-laws in Bend, visits are incredibly infrequent. Happy to help! You'll still have some legwork to do once you locate the fish but any time on that water is like a lifetime's worth of soul cleansing.


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I used to hike the trail along the middle and lower Metolious and peak over the edge to spot feeding trout. The river is deep and has many Rapids in this section, wading is treacherous. Hatches can be spontaneous but short lived. Seeing a nice rainbow feeding at the edges of a azure blue rapid is very special. I loved seeing them come up for a dry fly from that amazing blue water. Generally they are smart fish, but a green drake hatch makes them dumb. Spawning kokanee provide the bulls and rainbows a good supply of eggs.


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It honestly just takes time on the water there.
Often you look in the water and because its so clear, and dont see fish, so you move on. Then you come back and realize theres a dozen fish sipping the smallest bug possible. Its decieving. You just need to learn where they hang. And then be patient.

I had a cabin on the river for a month in Sept. and learned a lot. The fish in my avatar is from the Met.

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