Rain Bibs?


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Gill is a very reputable brand. I've had my Gill jacket for going on eight years now and its as dry as the day I bought it. Just went and got myself a new set of bibs and an insulated jacket from them. Excellent stuff.

These guys have a great sale going right now, if your size is still in stock
Thanks, unfortunately out of stock in my size but I'll check some other sources.


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cut the booties off an old pair of waders and... presto chango... you've got yourself some bibs!
I might occasionally use them as a shell snow skiing...might get some weird looks with cut off waders.:rolleyes:
At 70 I also need the zippers, especially the emergency one.:D
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Like Salmo_g and Buzzy I'm wearing Helly Hansen bibs purchased in the early 80's. Last year a couple of clips broke on the suspenders so I called their customer service and they sent me a new pair of suspenders @ n/c. They will probably last another 30+ years. Unfortunately I probably won't.


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Get a leaky, retired pair of chest waders ( a friend will give you a pair if you don't have one) and cut the booties off. Zipper ? That'll cost $100 .

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