Orvis puts a new spin on rods

David Loy

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Wow, the marketing departments trump the design department. What happened to building the best rods possible (NOT measured in speed) at two or three price points.
Thanks, but my cup is half empty.


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We have to come to the time where rod mfgers need to up the ante. Sage came out with different rod blank colors’s for their X series, the teal is cool looking in person MHO. Kinda following the reels and different color and/or art options lead on this. Many mfgers started the laser engraved reel seats some time ago, now art grips. Where will the next advancement be? I wonder with no regards to rod performance? Fluorescent rod blanks...hear borophene is fluorescent hmm....Microchips for Apple-cast?
Some-type of audio or feel-vibration feedback to backcast and forward cast? Etc..

Mike Ediger

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I don’t know, I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve built a lot of my rods in part because of the fun of changing things up. Like many people, I like mixing up thread color sometimes. I’ve used titanium, blackened chrome, and blued guides. I’ve Cut my own cork rings of various sizes and shapes, glued my own cork mixing with lots of different kinds and colors. All the customization is just kind of fun. Doesn’t catch more fish, doesn’t make me cast any further, and I don’t do it for anyone else’s approval. I just think it’s cool. If they sold these grips separately and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg (which I’m sure they do) I would consider putting one on a rod.


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Tim Johnson is a pretty great artist and, while this might not be the right option for everyone, the artwork is awesome.

If you like the artwork, but don’t want to buy an Orvis rod, contact Tim about adding art to a rod you already have.


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I think they're quite beautiful...but I'd never have the heart to use it. But then again, I'm not the market this sort of stuff targets. Reminds me of superbly crafted nets or Kimber 1911's....exquisite objects that have no business being munged-up by the likes of me. I'm a slob Glock kinda guy.

Instead of enjoying a day of fishing I'd be obsessed with keeping my hands clean enough to touch such a museum piece. I'd feel the same way if I were a billionaire.
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