SBS Golden Olive Bumble Hog


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Another one I found on the Shetland Anglers site

hook – WFC Model 6 #8
thread - UTC 140 woodduck
tail - golden pheasant tippet over fluoro yellow yarn
body - dubbing golden olive
wing(s) - deer hair dyed golden olive (1 Tbs Rit Golden Yellow/1 cup water overdyed with 1 Tbs Rit Golden Yellow, 1 Tsp Rit Dark Green/4 cups water)
hackle - Mearns Quail (jay substitute) dyed blue (Regatta - 3/4 Tsp Rit Aquamarine, 1/4 Tsp Rit Royal Blue/4 cups water)

Mash barb, start thread

Tie in yarn, wrap to bend

Measure (shank length) some gp tippets; tie in

Dub thread, dub to 1/4 mark

Clean, stack, measure (1/2 tail length) a clump of deer hair; tie in/trim butts

Dub to 1/2 mark

Add second wing (tips even with first)

Dub to 3/4 mark

Third wing

Tie in quail by tip; wrap, tie off/trim, SHHAN

Trim yarn (1/2 tail)


Jim Ficklin

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Sooieeet! I'm going to have to tie a few of those "just because" . . . Thanks, Scott!


Chucking a dead parrot on a piece of string!
That blue and golden olive color combination is another one that was a staple for fishing in the lochs of Scotland, that doesn’t seem to work worth a damn in the Pacific Northwest.

Great looking fly though, I’d tie that on as a bob fly in a heartbeat if I was fishing a Scottish loch!

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