FS Sage, G Loomis, Hardy, Nautilus, Simms etc.


Time for some thinning of the herd. Some of this is due to me finally admitting that I'm just a left-hand wind guy
. All of the reels that I'm selling are RHW, except the Ross.

Prices include shipping CONUS and PayPal.

Sage VT2 8136 - Excellent condition, almost like new - SOLD

Sage VPS 9140 - Excellent condition, almost like new - $200

G Loomis Roaring River Stinger 7126 - Good condition, honest wear to the cork, blank is great - SOLD

Scott A2 9' 5wt - Only used a couple of times as a back-up. Great shape, small piece of cork missing - $ 100

Hardy Perfect 3 7/8" Duplicated check, agate line guide and block leather case (unknown maker) missing spare pawl. Reel is tight and smooth, no wobble- $375

Hardy Perfect 3 5/8" Duplicated check, with agate line guide, fine hairline agate crack, not an issue. Reel is tight and smooth, no wobble - SOLD

Farlow Super Grenaby 3 7/8" Fantastic, loud check, has the original long foot. Something else interesting is that it was made to have a line guide, but one was never installed. Very sexy reel in person and sounds great - $250

Ross Cimarron C-4 with extra spool - LHW, scratches and rim rash, but smooth and perfect functionality. SOLD

Nautilus CCF-12S reel - RHW, excellent, almost new condition - $280

Simms Guide Vest - Size large, great shape - SOLD

Cloudveil Flat Creek Windstopper Jacket - Size large, lightly used, in great condition - SOLD


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Looking thru the pics, which rod does "img_0704.jpeg" belong too..? It appears to be a fly insert and is that rod still for sale..?


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Is the Loomis a #7/#8 weight, 3 piece..? What the max length when broken down..? Do you think it would be considered "packable" for hiking or maybe too long..?


The Stinger is a 12’6” 7 wt. It’s a three piece. When broken down it’s approximately 52” without the tube, 58” with tube. It’s a very versatile rod, Scandi, Skagit and even single hand. I once took a steelhead on a small coastal stream casting from my knees single handed. I’ve hiked in with that rod more than any of the MANY rods I’ve owned combined. But I had the rod fully assembled. It’s a fantastic rod for that. The GLX rods are very tough.

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