Green River

Brian Caud

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Thanks- ran down there this evening to check it out. Talked with a guy who had just finished floating in his willie boat who said the same thing. Will report back after we float Sunday.


Mark Steudel
Never fished the green could you float and get out and fish or do you have to fish on the go? I usually float in a one man toon, and like to pull out and fish spots.


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This summer I saw trucks parked on the river bed and hundreds of people in small areas of the river on hot days. I imagine that has to do a toll on the fish in the river.


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While kayaking the Palmer to Flaming Geyser Park Gorge section, I'd see fish in the eddys. People would be fishing, with access off the road from Black Diamond. Also sightings in the pools just below Geyser Park entrance. This was 10 yrs. ago. Today?

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