Outcast Fins v. Force Fins

Wayne Kohan

I have owned both of the fins you ask about as well as the Omega flip fins. I had the adjustable Force Fins and found them very heavy and difficult to put on. I use all my fins over my wading boots. I love the Outcast fins, they are lightweight to carry, and not too difficult to put on. The Force fins were maybe a little better at propulsion, maybe, not really sure of that. Certainly not enough to keep those over the Outcast. I sold the FF to a friend. I bought the Omega flip fin (used) several years ago and they have been sitting on my shelf in the garage. They are heavy and the flip mechanism does not work well. They are longer and were harder to use when I owned my Scadden Assault that had an enclosed front end. So I settled on the Outcast fins, I feel they work fine enough for me. I use them most in my float tube, occasionally I use my pontoon.

Hope that helps.



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I thick its really more dependent on whether your fins are your only propulsion.... ie no oars etc.... In my younger years pre kick/pontoon boats when I only fished out of my belly boat the force fins were a lot easier on the legs over the course of a day because of the way they work. Now I am usually in a boat with oars and sometimes a 2hp honda so if I need to get off the lake in a hurry because of weather or just want to get across the lake/river in a hurry they come into play instead of muscle power which was needed in the old days, When I'm fishing a lake I am usually going as slow as possible if not stopped and prefer the comfort of a boot fit fin like the scaddens/outcast fins..... no cramped arches, Whatever you decide to go with make sure you have safety straps on your fins as most of them sink like rocks.... the leashes thay used to require for snowboards work great for this........


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I bought a set of the newer Outcast Power Kicks a few years back mostly out of curiosity to see if I could actually recommend them and to also have some backup fins. The straps and webbing that came with them were just a disaster. Too much spaghetti for ease of use. I immediately threw all of that crap away before I even used them and ordered 4 NRS cam straps to replace them. I sized them to fit my largest boots then glued the straps to the bottom of the fins with ShooGoo or something similar. What I ended up with are straps that fit perfectly, hook up quickly and are very positive. Ease of use went from a D- to an A+ .

The fins themselves are nothing special but then neither are Force Fins. Most guys endorse FF's because they have never used anything better. I give FF's demerits for never having improved the product or doing anything innovative. As far as I can tell, over the years FF's have only gotten more clunky and more expensive with no improvement in performance.

The next generation of fins should be made of dual durometer material with stiffer stuff that attaches to the boots and softer material for the tips. This provides power with ease and comfort in use. I made such a pair over a decade ago and have used them hundreds of times since. For an old man that sometimes kicks a couple of miles a day these are just sweet. Plenty of power to move around but the soft finish is a big difference by the end of a long day.

In much the same way as Fishin' Buddy never built a shorty model for tubes and 'toons and Toyota continues with drum brakes, Force Fins have never had any incentive to improve the product. As long as guys rave about how good they are there will be little reason to change. But once someone builds a really good fin that is demonstrably better than what we have now there will be a lot of Force Fins for sale.
'Death Trap' Force Fins? :)

Ron Olsen

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Cannot comment on the Outcast, though they look good albeit may need some adjustments.
Have been using the adjustable force fins for a number of years, after Caddis fins. I bought from a WFF member and got a great deal. Otherwise yup, they are really pricey. Fought with the fit, they were a bitch to put on, until discovered the bungie heal strap replacement kit, below.
https://forcefin.com/product/bungie-heel-strap/ (also really pricey...)
I like the FF over my wading boots as I use this on long walk ins. If I can drive to lake and electrics are allowed, use Backwater boat, no fins. With the bungie you can get fins really tight and put on easily. Don't notice any looseness. They are really heavy out of water, but that goes away once launched. Like the lack of splashing and efficient use of energy. Don't get tired. My 2 cents.


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I use the Outcast fins. I prefer to have fins I can wear with wading boots. I have backpack straps on my Outcast Fatcat and it works great when caught in the wind and I need to walk back. Much more versatile than regular diving fins.


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Although I am a newbie as a float tube fisherman I have extensive experience with "dive fins". About three years ago I was using an old pair of dive fins in a float tube at the far end of Pass Lake with a stiff wind against me. Both legs cramped up. I guzzled all my water, stood up in the mud, stretched and wiggled my legs and made it back to my truck. I found a pair of Force Fins on E-bay for $100. IMHO they are worth every penny.


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I've used the old style force fins for at least 20+ years.
I like them and never found anything that worked better in my opinion, so I stuck with them.

I did by a used pair of the newer style with the straps over your feet, but never found them to my liking.
I found the single strap in the back works well for me and I've never lost a fin.

I wear a pair of Hodgman booties with them, which work great. Like wading boots, I went a size up to accommodate my wader neoprene stocking feet.
I know some folks wear their wading boots, but I'm not much for a gym type leg workout while fishing.

I recall a few folks posting in the past (Mumbles possibly?) saying they really liked these.
Hi there, @Stonefish - just saw your post, realize your comment here is from over a year ago but I’m looking for a used pair of the Force Fin float tube fins, sounds like the ones you have? Interested in selling if they are still in good working condition?


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Hi there, @Stonefish - just saw your post, realize your comment here is from over a year ago but I’m looking for a used pair of the Force Fin float tube fins, sounds like the ones you have? Interested in selling if they are still in good working condition?

Sorry, already sold that pair.


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I use big, long, Mares SCUBA fins, with hard soled, neoprene booties. With easy slow kicks, I can spend an entire day on a lake and still walk when I get to the launch. They also get you moving when you have to chase big fish!


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I know it's weird but I use outcast backpack fins with my wading boots. I like the fins because they are light. I duct-tape my toes tight onto the fins. I've had others but I just like this setup better.

My odd 0.02

Tim Lockhart

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Hybrid of Steve and Mark, whoda thought. Can walk far enough to pee in FF's. Goes on/off easy and tethers. The 2nd layer of neoprene w/ thin sole lets me commute as far as I want and no need for much of a sock. Way more nimble/comfortable than boots in the water.


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You don't see pairs of Force Fins for sale very often and when you do, they're gone in about 10 minutes.

I wear mine over a pair of the neoprene rafting booties for extra insulation & flexibility. I got the idea from Bald Bob while fishing up in Kodiak, Alaska for silvers, which back in the day could be the ultimate in windy, crappy, cold weather. He's pretty much the Jedi Master of that fishery so just did what he did and have never regretted it (after paying of the Visa bill).

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