Carp advice anyone?

I've had some luck on Crab Creek using San Juan Worms. Cast ahead of the direction they're moving and let it settle to the bottom. When they get with in a foot or two, give a small twitch and then hang on.


Waters haunt me....

I just came back from Banks lake 2 weeks ago and I had a blast. I see that you lost your carp on a strip set. I lost quite a bit on that same hook set too. I still somewhat underestimate these fish and either use too light of a leader or setting the hook too hard. I was using 8 lb tippets and it was still too light. I was breaking tippets left and right until I decided to go to a thicker line or just slowly raising the rod when I think the fish took. By the way, it is true when the guys in this forum say that the take is one of the hardest ones to detect. I've had some inhale the fly with their suctions flaring, some who would just do a quick change in direction and your line goes with them, some who would chase the fly like they were chasing baitfish and some that would just sit there and make you wonder if they are even on your fly or not. Anyway in all cases my broken tippet problem was solved by either of the two solutions I mentioned.

As far as finding feeding fish among the throngs of other milling fish, That is where the hard work comes. I literally had to find the players and almost cast to every single fish I saw. What I noticed are the most receptive ones are the ones laying on the bottom and fish that are tailing. The ones that are cruising around are the least receptive although I probably had 2 out of about 40 fish that took the fly.

Anyway I hope you had a blast because I did. It is somewhat frustrating seing fish after fish and looking for the one that would take. But if you find the cooperative one, hang on.

Tight lines.


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