Trip Report Puget Sound is HOT!

Nick Clayton

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Its very easy to get the slotted tungsten beads onto the shanks. Really doesnt require any bending at all. I've been tying on these a lot lately.

I also found some slotted tungsten cones that work very well on the 60 degree shanks


If it swims I'm interested.
Puget Sound has been unreal over the last several weeks. This time of year is just too much fun! My friend Kody and I have been using the Spawn 90 Degree Shanks with a 5.5mm Slotted Bead! The body of the fly is made up of Spawn Simi Seal which we designed just for Puget Sound and Creamsicle marabou (my new favorite)! These flies are slow twitched on the retrieve and the fish just can’t say no! Hope everyone is having a great holiday and getting out on the water! Now is the time!
How the F%&k did you bang a triple? Im not having as great a holiday as you! Great trip report. Keep em' coming.

Phish Guy

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Been out here for a a little over a year and still have never even tried the sound! Clearly I’m missing out. Was hoping to try my luck out this week. Pretty much any baseball sized rocky beach with a point or some other noticeable structure will do yeah?

very nice fish sir;)

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