The “one” that got away


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Around here we have a gentleman's agreement that we can't name a new fly until it catches a fish. I think your lost fish qualifies in that regard. Does it have a name yet?
Not really, I tie lots of weird stuff that isn’t named. I’d usually leave it to my son when he was young, he came up with interesting names. My cousin and teacher tied a really productive steelhead pattern years ago that got him an almost 30lb’er on the Babine. It is in the FFF encyclopedia of flies, simply named the UB-1, which stands for “unnamed bastard”.


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You recognize that second pic, appears! That is Hellsgate. Not as many sheep as we used to see, it seems like. We were treated to a good battle between 2 big rams one day about 10 years ago. It was awesome
Didn't recognize it. Just the only place that I know of around here with any is the game reserve.

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