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We did it all yesterday. Now it's on to eating all the leftovers. Had enough to feed an army. Both turkey and ham. Best tasting ham I've had in a long time. Thinking of having Taco's at Christmas. Getting tired of Fowl.:)
Great fish tacos; slightly 'blackened' tilapia, some shredded cabbage or lettuce, fresh mango on top.

Mark Walker

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Better half makes what I call "Turkey Pie" with the left-overs. Uses the remaining sausage dressing to form the crust in a 9"x13" stoneware dish and adds the remaining turkey, green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and tops with cheese then baked in the oven till 160 degrees.
Makes the whole PITA holiday worth it for me!

David Loy

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Yeah, sounds great!
Reminds me of Mrs Apple, cook at Boy Scout camps. Made a dish called “More”, by putting in ALL leftovers (liver, oatmeal, pancakes, anything) from yesterday (& maybe beyond) into a large pot.
Difference was you soon learned to never ask for more.


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caught a nice papio on my first cast on thanksgiving morning
he ate right at the rod tip as I was checking my fly
thankful for @Mingo


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Thanksgiving was my 60th b-day. Went surfing in the morning with Luke. Nice clean 4-6 foot barrels. Then fished for an hour, caught this bone on the first cast. Came home to a great dinner cooked by my wife. She made great bacon stuffing. Then watched the Saints win, Who Dat. Awesome day, hope y'all had a good one too.


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We bought one of the new hot air turkey fryers and started it cooking around noon to eat dinner between 2:30 and 3:00. We finally started eating dinner at 5:30 and the turkey finished around 6:00. My first Thanksgiving without turkey...


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